Star Defense review

I purchased Star Defense back in July 09 and have only just managed to play it. With a barrage of games to play this was put on the back burner. After purchasing an IPAD I decided to give this a go on this device. I have been playing this on and off over the past few weeks and managed to complete the game whilst watching the world cup games :)

The objective of the game like any other strategy tower defense game is to defend your base from the incoming enemies this time being aliens. The hook of this game seems to be the planet being your level which is an ingenious piece of level design. You pinch, pan and zoom around the globes and add towers in key locations to defend your base. Enemies come in waves and in a variety of sizesthey are immune to certain types of weaponry i.e. fire, plasma. So you really need to have an assortment of cannons placed to maximise your chances of success.

A few strategy hints I could give is to make the most of your environments. You need to really use each tower/gunner in the optimal position i.e. covering the most area/radius possible. Also, it is better to upgrade your weaponry rather than adding towers. The plasma and flame cannons should be your staple and adding the slow down cannons at key locations such as opposite flame or plasma cannons can help but I wouldn’t use them more than two or three of them on each level. I completed the last level using only 20 out of 30 possible towers and the majority were upgraded to the max.

Lastability is around 8-10 hours. The fourth planet was really challenging and took the most effort. It is a very addictive game but there are gameplay balancing issues as mentioned before which hampers the experience a little bit they could learn a thing or two from Popcap. All in all I enjoyed this very much and similar to Plants vs Zombies has that ‘one more go’ appeal.


Mirror's Edge review

I love this game. Despite playing the majority of the story mode without realising that you can pick up weapons (not explained in game very well I thought but I’ll forgive them) :)

I love this game.  Despite playing the majority of the story mode without realising that you can pick up weapons (not explained in game very well I thought but I’ll forgive them) :)

Dice have come up trumps with the look and feel of this game.  Also, the sound created by Solar Fields is nothing short of stunning.  Both graphics and sound really pull the whole concept of running and jumping through the environments together by adding verve and agility to the pacing.

Some people will not get this game due to it crossing several barriers such as running and jumping through first person mode and secondly, the simplistic nature in its combat.  Which neither makes it a traditional first person shooter or say a platformer.

However, saying that I liked the fact this is trying to break new ground and for the most parts the combat, running and jumping works.  There are moments of slow down in pace which doesn’t sit comfortably with the running sections.  It is more fun running across and over buildings which gets your adrenaline pumping rather than the minimalist shooting sequences which can frustrate especially given your health bar.

The story mode lasted around the 8-10 hour mark for me and then you can take on the challenge mode.  It is a worthwhile game those looking for something different and willing to take the gamble.  I loved the art direction and for the most parts the environments and characters.