Microsoft e3 2010

Microsoft’s E3 was light on content in my eyes. They started off by showing call of duty black ops and announced an exclusive deal with activation that sees all future dlc will come out on xbox first then Sony after a few months. I say meh :/

Secondly, Gears of war 3 was in playable form. Looks graphically stunning and add to that 4 player co op campaign should see it as an instant success in April 2010. Cliffy B of Epic games also announced a new franchise that will be coming exclusive to Xbox called Bulletstorm which to me looked similar to Gears of war in style. Maybe this will take over once the Gears trilogy concludes.

Next it was Bungie’s turn to show their latest build of Halo Reach. Looks like the same Halo formula to me expected to hit September I am sure it will sell by the bucketload. I wasn’t that impressed with ODST. However, some of the best multiplayer co op experiences I have had was playing Halo so here’s hoping.

Then Microsoft decided to devote the rest of the show to project Natal now officially known as Kinect. Games which eerily resembled the casual Wii catalogue without the Nintendo charm were shown. Harshly putting it they looked pants and I lost interest in the conference going forward. Kinectimals, extreme sports game, kinect sports and dance central (by Harmonix) were shown. I was more impressed in using the Kinect as a virtual remote where the camera detects your movement however this does whiff of eye toy to me with you holding your hand over a menu item for a few seconds before it is selected. In order to use the Kinect as a virtual remote Microsoft have created a new section in the dashboard which let’s you control all of the features using Kinect as a camera and microphone with voice commands.

I perked up when I saw new hardware unveiled at the end of the show. The new Xbox 360 slim console was long overdue and comes with wireless n wifi, 250gb hard drive, whisper quiet DVD drive and smaller chassis. All in all I was disappointed with Xbox line up and Kinect did not live up to it’s hype from E3 2009.