Xbox 360 sales reach 40 million

How many have been RROD ing?? :)

How many have been RROD ing?? :)

Without being too cynical it’s nice to have a third competitor in the console market.  It would be a boring fight if it was just Sony and Nintendo.

GAME bosses step down

CEO and COO resign as annual profits fall 28 per cent

CEO and COO resign as annual profits fall 28 per cent

Nintendo 3DS – why is it needed?

Nintendo 3DS looks likely to be the right move

So Nintendo announced the 3DS (working title) back in march.

In terms of hardware this will most likely have a souped up ARM processor to be in line with previous DS iterations.  Nintendo have claimed that the graphics will be advanced than the current generation hardware DS, PSP or IPhone.  We could see the graphics match that of its sibling the Nintendo Wii.  We all know that Nintendo have dabbled and experimented with 3D before but this time will be different.  The chip and screen manufacturers are now in a stage to offer this technology to a mass audience with relatively cheap technology (at least in the next couple of years).  This is evident in TV hardware.  Nintendo’s handheld will be different in respect to no extra peripheral will be required to view 3D unlike TV sets which will require special 3D glasses.

Nintendo has had a tough time over the past couple of years with regards to piracy.  R4 cards have proved to have sold many more hardware units for Nintendo.  However, software sales have suffered despite the hardware surge.  This affects third party developers more.  Traditionally Japanese gamers tend to buy their games legit compared to other regions this is due to gaming being an ingrained part of Japanese life.  In other parts of the world such as Europe there are various countries who have no alternative but to pirate.  Maybe a better distribution model moulded by Nintendo would have deterred this.  With that said, I expect Nintendo to reduce their output of physical games as they have experimented with DSI ware and will learn lessons on how to distribute via a download system.  The next DS system will have some sort of ‘always on’ wireless connectivity.  I don’t believe this will have any sort of phone functions apart from maybe being enabled to use Skype straight out of the box.

This leads me conveniently onto the IPhone.  I am an advocate of the IPhone and have had all iterations thus far.  With a continual stream of software updates we have seen feature after feature added to it.  It has now become a serious gaming platform competing alongside the DS and PSP.  It has taken market share from both of these companies and the irony is that the online distribution software model has hit Nintendo and Sony hard.  Although, IPhone games have a relatively cheap entry barrier in terms cost the quality is not quite there as of yet.  Nintendo will have a hard time competing with such a system and the current DS system does actually now feel outdated.  In my opinion, the 3DS has been announced at the right time.  After a 5 year cycle of the standard DS; time has moved quickly and touchscreen now seems passe.

In order to generate consumer interest and would be DS owners to upgrade the 3DS needs to offer something new and exciting.  Hence the exploration into 3D technology.  Nintendo will achieve this in pure ‘Nintendo style’ by providing a combination of software manipulation and hardware to attain the desired result.  We cannot discount Nintendo they have proved themselves time and time again.

Personally, I am looking forward to the 3DS it will be something new, refreshing and exciting.  In true Nintendo fashion.

Iphone 4G

Engadget posted an article with videos/pics of a potential iphone.

Engadget posted an article with videos/pics of a potential iphone.  My opinion is that it is a fake here are the reasons why:

  • Apple usually have a more tidier design with less parts than this prototype
  • Apple usually announce this type of device through a keynote
  • The new iphone will likely have a bigger screen to match competitors and a better touch screen akin to Ipad

I suspect at the best, this is a prototype developed; to test some of the features that could be made apparent in the next iteration of the Iphone.  It does appear to be a very smart viral marketing campaign to deter existing Iphone customers to jump ship to Android.  There are thousands of Iphone 3G customers who bought their Iphone in August 2008 who are at/or will be at the end of their contract, looking to upgrade to the latest handset.  Although, the 3GS is a newer phone there are many customers who will not feel the upgrade is significant.   Customers will look at other options such as Google Andriod handsets.