Wii U – the next gen alternative

I have decided not to purchase a PS4 or Xbox one this Christmas and between the Wii U and my Steam enabled PC I am happy for a year or so with my gaming needs.  I have had my Wii U since launch and in that time I have built up a collection of games with the majority being first party Nintendo games and some third party games.  I am impressed with the system overall and here is why…

Firstly, it is fully backwards compatible with the Wii and you can transfer all of your goodies to the Wii U.  Couple this with upgrades for Virtual console games on the Wii U at discounted prices puts Xbox one and PS4 to shame.  Also, all accessories are compatible with the Wii U such as the Wii Remote, balance board and nunchuck.  Finally, off TV play is a great feature to keep your family happy by freeing up the TV.

The Wii U is now selling for an attractive price, if you shop around the Premium bundle can be had for £200 or with a bunch of games for £250.  Also, games such as Arkham City, Black ops 2, ZombiU and Assassins Creed 4 can be bought close to £13 brand new each.

It has streaming apps such as Netflix and Lovefilm with good second screen functionality.  I hope Nintendo can build on this in the future.  Miiverse – this has a great gaming community that is moderated by Nintendo and is a great forum for finding out about new games or marvelling at the artistic talents of fellow gamers.

Much has been talked about with regards to the Wii U graphics and the capability of the system.  You will find them hard to fault with stand out titles such as Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101 showing the full artistic talents of both first party and third party developers.  The use of shading, lighting, anti-aliasing and smooth frame rates are very impressive and help to create a cohesive gaming world.

Finally the games:

Pikmin 3 – more of the same but graphics and gameplay are king.

Nintendoland – local multi-player is fun during get togethers.

New Super Mario Bros U – great fun in local multi-player.

Zelda Windwaker HD – Is there anything else that needs to be said it is a Zelda game people?

Earthbound – Great RPG for the hardcore Nintendo fans.

ZombiU – highly underrated survival horror game, worth playing on chicken mode as more ammo and guns are available.

Rayman Legends – one of the true highlights great as a single or local multi-player game

Wonderful 101 – Great fun once you have mastered the controls and gorgeous graphics.


Games to look out for:

Wii Fit U

Wii Sports HD

Super Mario 3D World

Mario Kart 8

Trine 2


The Wii U is not without its faults as a online multiplayer games console it is not on par with PS3 or Xbox 360 (but a free service nonetheless).  However, this all depends on what type of gamer you are and how you play games.  I do not participate in online gaming very much due to time constraints and I am generally not a fan of playing online.  However, as a local multiplayer console or playing solo there is a lot of fun to be had.

To sum up give the Wii U a chance this Christmas you maybe surprised with what Nintendo have to offer.