Why Hello Kitty is enough?

Last Christmas my brother bought our niece a Nintendo DSI console for Christmas.  She is 4 years old and into anything Pink and likes playing with dolls and such as normal kids do at that age.  She used to play with our consoles quite a bit hence why my brother purchased a Nintendo DSI.

She played with it for a few hours; using the camera and Flipnote apps.  My brother bought Nintendogs and a bunch of other games appropriate for a 4 year old., carefully picking critically acclaimed games (as we like to think we know a bit about games).  None of them have interested her and she has played them for 30mins each and has never picked them up again.

A few months later I saw Hello Kitty birthday adventures! going for cheap.  All kids her age are going through the Hello Kitty fad at the moment so I took a punt full well knowing that this would a poor game for someone who is a gaming veteran such as myself.

However, after presenting it to my niece she was immediately excited.  A few hours later she was still playing on it.  As far as I was concerned this game was very poor in quality.  But who can argue with a 4 year old.  She was happy roaming around the Animal Crossing-like environment.

I usually turn my nose up to dross such as this but if it makes a 4 year old happy who am I to argue.  Now I know who buys these type of games :)